Corn Nation’s Five Heart Podcast Episode 30: Baseball, Basketball, and Ballpark Food

To quote Thin Lizzy, “the boys are back in town.” That being said, Greg and Brian are here with a brand new episode. The show kicks off with talk of Nebraska baseball’s Big Ten opening win over Indiana.

Meanwhile, Nebraska basketball suffered two losses this week, as the men’s team saw the departure of sophomore big man Ed Morrow Jr. The women’s basketball team lost Jessica Shepard to transfer as well.

Women’s basketball talk brings up the dominance of UCONN, and if it’s bad for the sport.

We go back to Bloomington’s baseball field(turf) and talk about the playing surface in a few other ballparks.

And of course, there’s food talk, like this ungodly monstrosity in Arlington now.

Courtesy of the Star-Telegram

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