Corn Nation’s Five Heart Podcast Episode 29: Cookies, Bacon, and Baseball

The great debate ensues this week – what’s better? Homemade cookies or cookies from the bakery?

Also, bacon is just fine in brownies (and pants aren’t necessary, Salt).

Nebraska football, basketball, and baseball are all *close* – close to being those teams that the fans want them to be. The baseball team just beat Cal Poly on Saturday in a double header. Spring practice is set to resume this week, and the upcoming Red/White Game in a couple weeks could bring with it twenty or so four- and five-star recruits to Lincoln.

But what would put Darin Erstad on the hot seat, or possibly get him out of Lincoln (which we hope doesn’t happen), and who’s on the short list of names to replace him, should that come to pass. Plus, who’s standing out this Spring on the gridiron?

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