Corn Nation’s Five Heart Podcast Episode 44: Where Do We Go from Here?

I’m going to let Good Ol JR call that one…

Ohio State loss was expected, maybe not to the extent it ended up. But Minnesota? MINNE-FREAKIN’-SOTA???

So this is what it has come to. Nebraska is not good at football in 2017. The signs were there. All the way back to the close win against Arkansas State in Week One. We know change is coming. We know it won’t happen during the season. We don’t know who will be taking over in 2018.

What we do know is that we sure as hell better beat Iowa. But hell, even that match-up depresses me.

I want to stress a few things again:

A. Don’t tweet at the players. Don’t do it. Tweet at me. Tweet at Hoss. Tweet at the Big Red Cobcast folks. And share that info with the angry people on twitter. I like to think that the people who take the time to listen to this show aren’t the same people who tweet at players. Don’t do it.

2. This is the hard lesson for many of us, but remember that there is more to life than college football. We at Corn Nation know that more than anybody.

D (to make you smile). We live on the most boring street in the United States of America where nothing even remotely dangerous will ever happen. Period.

We’ll all stick together…in all kinds of weather.


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