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Positive Cynicism Ep. 68: Wonder Why; Sly Fox

This month on Wonder Why, Chad “Limited Effort” Smart and Mike “Rabbit Hole” DeKalb attempt to talk about Sly Fox’s 1986 hit “Let’s Go All The Way” and figure out why the duo of “Mudbone” Cooper and Michael “Not Hector” Camacho didn’t find success with any follow up singles.

Breaking down the history of Sly Fox does get a bit funky at times. Find out the interesting use of the back beat of “Let’s Go All the Way” as well as what a couple of clowns had to do with exposing one of Mtv’s worst kept secrets.

Once they’ve exhausted the history of Sly Fox, @chadsmart and @MikeDeKalb give your their holiday picks for the month.


We’re traveling back to 1996 asking deep philosophical questions on this edition of Wonder Why. Traveling from Anchorage, Kentucky to New York City, we examine the career of Joan Osborne. Is she a folksy Americana singer? Soulful funk singer? Or Top 40 Pop singer? Based on the sound of her Top 10 hit, “One of Us,” audiences expected one sound but listening to her album Relish, might have been surprised at the other songs.

In addition to the discussion about Joan Osborne, @chadsmart and @mikedekalb give their picks of the month. This month they choose an actor/musician and female alternative icon.

The show concludes with the reveal of choices for the September edition. Bust out the converse, track suits and gold chains.






The seventh edition of Wonder Why is one for the books. Taking a trip back to the summer of 1970, @chadsmart and @mikedekalb examine the hit and “career” of English artist Ray Dorsett, pka Mungo Jerry. Mungo Jerry had a summertime hit with “In the Summertime.” A catchy jingle that peaked at #3 on the Billboard chart and then Mungo Jerry was only heard from again if you were in Europe. Why was there not a follow up hit?

Before the discussion begins, Mike talks about attending a recent concert by previous Wonder Why artist, Thomas Dolby.  After the Mungo Jerry discussion, Mike and Chad turn the focus to their picks of the month.  Find out what Gary Cherone, Tupac and Scott Caan have in common.

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Positive Cynicism EP 48: Wonder Why; Autograph

Another month, another edition of Wonder Why. This month, @chadsmart and @mikedekalb examine the career of 80’s hair metal band, Autograph. Opening for Van Halen and scoring a top 30 hit with their debut single, “Turn Up the Radio,” Autograph looked poised to make it big on the charts in 1985. Unfortunately, their success peaked with the first single. After the first album, Autograph continued to record throughout the 1980s releasing two more albums before the band members decided to go their separate ways.

Since the breakup, Autograph have reformed and released new albums including their 2017 release, Get Off Your Ass. During this edition of Wonder Why breakdown the career of Autograph and offer their assessments of why the band’s career didn’t reach continued heights alongside other 80s metal bands like Bon Jovi, Motley Crue and Ratt.

Wrapping up the show are the picks of the month. Find out why Mike thinks everyone should keep a Bob Marley CD in their car. While Chad advocates for everyone to buy Butch Walker’s latest (and every) album.









Positive Cynicism EP 37: Wonder Why: She Blinded Me with Science

The madness of March brings the next installment of the Wonder Why series. This monthly feature examines the career of artists who achieved success with one hit song.  This installment @chadsmart and @mikedekalb (www.hockeytransplant.com) break down the interesting career of Thomas Dolby. From session musician to professor, Thomas Dolby has perhaps one of the most interesting careers of any “One Hit Wonder.”

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Positive Cynicism EP 30: XFL and Golden Knights surprises

At the request of Jittery Monkey Godfather Greg Mehochko (@thehooch36), @chadsmart is joined by Positive Cynicism unofficial co-host @mikedekalb (hockeytransplant.com) to discuss the first half of the NHL season. What’s has been the biggest surprise of the first half of the season? What team has been the biggest disappointment? Chad and Mike discuss this and more. Then Mike turns questioner and ask Chad his thoughts about his first five years of NHL Fandom. Oh, and there’s some comments regarding the 2020 return of the XFL as well.

Positive Cynicism Ep 29: Wonder Why; Safety Dance

On the inaugural installment of Wonder Why, @chadsmart is joined by hockey and music enthusiast @mikedekalb (www.hockeytransplant.com) to try and figure out certain bands only mustered one hit throughout their career. The fans voted and the first subject of discussion is the Canadian synth heavy band, Men Without Hats.

They didn’t care about friends who didn’t want to dance but danced themselves to a number 3 hit with “Safety Dance.” What other songs on the album Rhythm of Youth had the potential to be hits? Chad and Mike break down the album debating the merits of the other songs while projecting their version of history to see what could have been.

Positive Cynicism EP 21: 1991 Year in Music: Country and Grunge

As the three part series looking at the changing musical landscape of 1991 wraps up, @chadsmart and @MikeDeKalb examine the popularity of Pop music along with the resurgence of Country music and emergence of the Grunge movement.

Positive Cynicism EP 20: 1991 Year in Music: Hair Metal

Continuing the review of music released in 1991, @chadsmart and @MikeDeKalb (www.hockeytransplant.com) turn the attention from rap to hair metal and discuss a genre on its last legs. With an emerging change in musical landscape as well as lack of album releases from major hair metal stalwarts, looking back it’s easy to see the writing was on the (bathroom) wall. Even with Guns N Roses and Metallica releasing three of the biggest albums of the year, party rock was about to be replaced by a more somber ideology.

Positive Cynicism EP 19: A Look at 1991 in Music Part 1: Rap/Hip Hop

On the newly revamped Positive Cynicism @chadsmart is joined by @MikeDeKalb (www.hockeytransplant.com) to examine the impact music had in 1991. First up is a breakdown of all the major Rap/HipHop albums released during 1991 and how these releases fit into the changing landscape of the genre.

Positive Cynicism Episode 2: You’re an (NHL) All Star (aka As Long as Punk’s Happy)

This week on Positive Cynicism host Chad Smart is joined by hockeytransplant.com blogger Mike DeKalb as they discuss NHL All Star Weekend 2017.  From NHL Fan Fair to the All Star game and everything in between, Chad and Mike break down all the All Star events and give their opinions on what worked and what could use some improvements for future All Star weekends. Off the ice experiences consisted of hunting NHL mascots and celebrity encounters with Star Trek: The Next Generation whipping boy Wil Wheaton and former WWE Champion CM Punk. After expounding on all things NHL All Star the episode concludes with the Random Question of the Week.