Nerds United 344: It Was an Honest Mistake

So let’s just get into it. In the course of the discussion, the guys talk about the second season of The Santa Clauses, coming to Disney+ this holiday season. Greg mistakenly said Kumail Nanjiani was in the first season before Mike corrected him, stating it was in fact Kal Penn.

Mike continued to state that the confusion happens so frequently that the stars have addressed it publicly.

Before that part of the show, the guys talk about some of the comics they’ve been reading and the shows they’ve been watching or, in Greg’s case, discovered for the first time.

We’re poised, it would seem, to get some live-action Gargoyles in the future on Disney+.

The end of the show has the guys blind-ranking Halloween candy, which as it turns out, is just candy with a few seasonal additions.

Be kind.