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My 1-BOO-3 Cents: Halloween Havoc 2017

Halloween Havoc 2017

I had big plans for the Halloween edition of My 1-2-3 Cents. More than just changing the name to My 1-BOO-3 Cents for sure. However, my attempts to line up a Halloween-ish wrestler fell short. So I was left to come up with something else.

I drew inspiration for this show from the Skullbuster WrestlecastTom & Jason Skull did some fantasy booking on their last show and created a Halloween Havoc style card with the current WWE roster. I didn’t want to totally rip the brothers off, so I came up with this…

WWE recently released a list of its 50 scariest Superstars of all time. So I took that list and created matches and of my own. Also on this week’s episode, a rundown of the upcoming Stride Pro Wrestling show. The action returns to the Illinois Star Centre Mall in Marion on Saturday, Nov. 4. Bell time is 6:30 p.m.

Don’t forget, I’m also now a part of COLLARxELBOW. You can shop online and use the promo code MY123CENTS to save on t-shirts when you shop. The company has added some new shirts in recent weeks. It’s a great way to support indy wrestling and My 1-2-3 Cents. Thanks as always for your support.

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My 1-2-3 Cents Episode 90: Top Rope IPA Review


Many of you know not only do I like pro wrestling, but I’m learning the ropes about craft beer. My buddies and I have a YouTube channel called Craftbeericans where we review various brews. This week, my worlds collide with a review of Top Rope IPA by Tallgrass Brewing Company in Manhattan, Kansas.

But please stay tuned to the Craftbeericans channel for a WWF Superstars review of Top Rope IPA. It’ll be up later this week and funny (I hope).

Also in this week’s show a look at what’s making news in the world of professional wrestling, including a look at some of my favorite local independent wrestling companies, including Stride Pro Wrestling, Warrior’s Code Wrestling and Cape Championship Wrestling. Please visit these companies and help make indy wrestling thrive here in southern Illinois and southeast Missouri.

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