Hey there. Greg Mehochko here. I’m taking over Positive Cynicism for one episode. RELAX! Chad Smart and Mike “The Hockey Transplant” DeKalb will be back next time for their WONDER WHY series.

This is a return of Question Everything. Meet Rob Kugler. He’s been a longtime friend of mine. He has done a lot in his life, from serving in the military to trying his hand at acting to taking his beautiful three-legged chocolate lab on a once-in-a-lifetime, coast-to-coast trip over her final months. A happy dog, afflicted by cancer, who had a leg removed.


We talk about Rob and his military background, love and loss, his trip with Bella, and writing the book that tries to capture everything.

I pre-ordered my copy of the book back in November. I followed Rob and Bella’s trip all along, and I encourage you to check out Rob’s Instagram for some really uplifting pictures, stories, and smiles. Listen to the podcast and if you want more of this tremendous story, I highly encourage you to buy the book!

Thanks for listening. This is at times an emotional story. But it’s also inspirational.

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