Nerds United Episode 88: The Nostalgia Pop with Chad Smart

Which decade was better? The 1980’s or the 1990’s?

That was the question Positive Cynicism’s Chad Smart and I set out to debate in a Jittery Monkey Crossover. The conclusion we came to was that just like discussing politics on social media, no minds were going to be changed. So instead, we just talked about “the good old days.”

Music, television, movies…nothing was left untouched in the realm of pop culture. But you have to forgive our memories to an extent. As the old saying goes whenever I forget something, “I’ve slept since then.”

So come with us as we travel back in time (in a DeLorean or a TARDIS, I don’t care which) to relive some of our favorite memories. And be sure to join us on social media to share your favorite memories of the 80s and 90s. We all hit childhood at different times, so I’m curious to know what was popular when you were younger. Remember to Like and Share so others can have that nostalgia as well.

You are appreciated.

One thought on “Nerds United Episode 88: The Nostalgia Pop with Chad Smart”

  1. Three Billboards was a fantastic movie and it is now in my personal collection.
    And thank you for teaching me the word – tangential. I was ready to call ‘bologna’ but I googled it and it is a word. 🙂

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