Nerds United Episode 80: Alberto Pessoa on Primas

Meet Alberto Pessoa: writer, artist, researcher, and creator of Primas. Primas is an original graphic novel based on true stories from research Alberto did over a three year period in a poor region of Paraiba, Brazil. While there, Pessoa talked with local women who earned their living in “the world’s oldest profession.”

In Primas, Pessoa takes the stories of three women and combines them into one tale of the fictional “Rosa.”

I ready the PDF version of Primas in about 40 minutes in one sitting, as I found it wholly engaging and riveting. It’s not a superhero tale. You’ll find no capes or cowls. Only real stories told with a vivid art style. I love the art on this book. It’s simply yet effective. It gets two thumbs up from me, in that regard. The honesty with which the story is told is both brutal yet refreshing. It makes the book all the more desirable to read.

I highly encourage you to check out the Kickstarter and throw them a few bones. Having read the book, I’m confident in saying you won’t be disappointed!

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