Nerds United Episode 175: Comic Vehicles and Nelvana

This week on an all-new Nerds United, Mike and Greg brinfly revisit last week’s conversation about forgotten cartoons in the form of Mutant League.

While reading from The League of Regrettable Superheroes, Mike selects Nelvana of the Northern Lights. While discussing her origin, powers, and recent popularity. Could Nelvana be ripe for a big-screen debut? Greg thinks so.

A few news and notes about movie dates being pushed back, and then the guys break into a conversation about comic book vehicles.

Stick around for the end. We’re doing a giveaway. We want you to support your local comic book store during these “uncertain times” and we have a way for you to do so. Check out TKO Studios and make a purchase. You can select your local comic book shop and TKO will pay the brick and mortar the same amount that the store would have made if you bought the book in person. Take a screenshot of your comic store selection and receive an entry into the giveaway.

**BONUS** If you select Twilight Gaming and Comics in Swansea, IL, you’ll receive an extra entry. T-shirts, comics, and whatever else I can come up with to help you help the comic book stores we all love.

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