Nerds United Episode 173: Bloodshot, Batman V Superman and More in Week 2 of Distancing

This week on a new Nerds United, Mike and Greg (still separated by miles, but together in spirit) discuss watching Bloodshot, a movie that opened in theaters two weekends ago, from the comfort of their respective couches. And seriously, watch Bloodshot.

Also on the agenda: Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice. Someone hadn’t seen it before, and after watching portions of the movie over three days, said person still hasn’t “seen” it. Alas…what’s a husband to do?

Keeping on with the B’s…Bee-Man, a 1966 character from Harvey Comics. Also:

  • Locke and Key
  • Witcher
  • Marvel Shows on Disney+
  • Middlewest from Image Comics

Speaking of comics – support your local comic book store. They need you now more than ever! Find your store on social media. Find out if they are shipping books to your home (assuming they’re closed like ours). Make sure when doors reopen that you show them just as much love as movie theaters, concert venues, dine-in restaurants, and sporting events. They live to provide you with great books. Find them. I beg you.

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