Nerds United Episode 171: SURPRISE! She-Hulk, Three Hulks, and More

This was the episode that was not meant to be. Presently, the Co-Host of the Year is out of town. But before he left, we got together for an hour and knocked out a podcast. It was early in the week, amid all of the continued madness that is Covid-19.

On this special surprise episode, we talk about Allison Brie (or someone like Allison Brie) that Marvel is looking for to play She-Hulk. That goes into a long discussion about the Hulks we’ve had thus far on the big screen.

Avengers Campus is set to open this summer, assuming we’re allowed to leave our homes ever again.

There’s more, but I’m trying to watch Blade Runner and this is taking away from that. I’m no good at multi-tasking.

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