Nerds United Episode 124: Prelude to Captain Marvel

Finally!!!! Greg let me write this part of the thing…look…does anyone really read this thing? I mean, come on, we spend hours and hours thinking of stuff to write here and for what? OK, you caught me. That is a lie. Greg usually puts some type of thought into it. Me? I just like to ramble until I remember what we just talked about on the podcast. This ole noggin aint what it used to be. Captain Marvel, we talk about that. I bet you probably knew that though from the title. What else do we talk about? Venom…yes…I am starting to remember now. It is all coming back to me. Greg finally sat down and watched Venom. Spoiler alert: he liked it but said that Topher Grace is the real Venom….ok not true, but I forgot to make that joke during the podcast so I had to do it here. We also talk about the Xmen Dark Phoenix trailer and Hellboy Reboot trailer. Geez louise, we talk a lot. Actually not as much as some episodes cause it is Sunday. Friday Greg was a bit tuckered out and….wait, why am I telling this story, just listen to the podcast. Then tell all of your friends to listen, and tell their friends…and so on and so forth. Like, subscribe, rate, review, high five us when or if you ever see us in public. I’ll even take a selfie with you……Just saying. Bye!

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