Nerds United Episode 118: Aquaman Review and a Lot More

Mike’s back this week and that means good things for you, faithful listener. In Episode 118, we talk about Y: The Last Man, Midnight Nation, Justice League, and a lot more.

Shout-outs to Mike’s mom (as always). And Chad and Mike at Positive Cynicism talked this week about their nostalgia for MTV, and I’ll tell ya, as a couple of guys who graduated high school in 2000…we didn’t have that MTV connection that those old farts had.

And of course, we talk about Aquaman, because GREG ACTUALLY SAW A MOVIE WHILE IT WAS IN THEATERS! And also Greg’s pretty sure that Mike would start his own podcast with friends who could see movies in theaters in a timely manner.

Oh yeah – be sure to check out the store for great merchandise!

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