Fresh Content Day 45: Breaking Down Star Wars Ep VIII – The Last Jedi Trailer

The Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm wiseguys decided one awesome trailer this week wasn’t enough. So they graced us with one of the most anticipated trailers in recent memory.

Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi

Let’s break down this one just like we did the Thor trailer earlier in the week.

It opens with a rock. Or rather, a rocky surface. And then suddenly – BAM! Rey drops on screen.

She looks like she’s sweating and she’s gasping for air. She reminds me of how Luke looked in Empire Strikes Back when Yoda was training him in the ways of the Force.

Show the classic Lucasfilm emblem we’ve seen for so long. Aaaand now we’re flying over water.

That is one picturesque island. And it’s not some random place in the south Pacific. NAY! It’s a real place off the coast of Ireland called Skellig Michael, and it’s a must-see place without the high-quality production camera.

IRELAND – MARCH 17: The small island of Skellig Michael, Skellig Islands, County Kerry, Ireland. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Next we see a cove and Rey looking out over the water. It cuts to her hands on the ground and using the Force to lift pebbles off the ground. Again, reminiscent of Empire.

When the screen goes black, we hear Luke’s voice saying “What do you see?”

Rey answers “Light” as we see a Rebel Command Center and what is clearly the backside of General Organa (Carrie Fisher had concluded filming her scenes for this movie before she passed away in December). When the image changes to a broken and for some reason smoking Kylo Ren helmet, Rey’s coinciding response is “darkness.”

In another cut away, we see darkness surrounding a lit area, a hand on an old text or scroll, and more words from Rey.

I have listened to it several times, but I don’t know if she says “imbalance” or “and balance.” If you have an opinion, voice it in the comments on Facebook.

As we hear the voice of Luke say “It’s so much bigger,” we see a distance shot of Rey getting some quality time in practicing with the light saber.

After it’s announced that we can expect Episode VIII “THIS CHRISTMAS,” we see some speeders kicking up a bunch of dust on the desert, and one clearly has a little problem on the approach.

A quick glimpse of Finn asleep, dead, I don’t know. He looks at peace. That’s more than we can say about most of the galaxy far far away. A quick cut to Poe and BB-8 on the run from an explosion.

And then…


Complete with the Millennium Falcon. Now if you remember the end of The Force Awakens, you’ll know that [OMG IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET, DON’T READ THE FOLLOWING] Han Solo is dead. Last we saw, Rey joined Chewbacca on the Falcon. And they flew that hunka junk to Luke’s position. So seeing it being shot at by the First Order’s version of the TIE Fighter is interesting. I would assume that means that the Falcon left Luke, and not that they were followed there by the First Order. Rey is seen briefly running with her lightsaber extended.

At the 1:29 mark, we get our first look at Kylo Ren.

And he does not look happy. Of course, he was just PWNed by a n00b. (Is that right? Am I saying that right?) I’m really looking forward to the rematch.

We see Luke and R2-D2 standing side-by-side, looking at a burning structure. Based on the shot immediately following that, with Kylo Ren leading some troopers towards our viewpoint, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a conflict between Ren and Skywalker at that place.

More space battle. I gloss over it briefly because it’s just there. It will play a part, but I don’t think it will be the focus.

Then the cryptic words of Luke Skywalker: “It’s time for the Jedi…to end.” No idea what it means but eager as heck to find out.

After another viewing of the trailer, here are a few things I missed:

  • There are soft voices in her light/dark segment. Online speculation hints at maybe Obi Wan Kenobi from the prequels. There is also allegedly the voice of Princess Leia from A New Hope.
  • Something I missed in initial viewings of the teaser were the AT AT’s in the background when the fighters take to the sand (around the 1:16 mark).

So…is it December yet?

Of course, here’s the trailer in its entirety:

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