Five Heart Podcast Episode 151: Talking with the Enemy

This week on the Five Heart Podcast, Greg, Hoss, and Jon get you ready for Saturday’s match-up with Wisconsin. And to do that, we spend a little time talking with Tyler Hunt, Podcast Manager at Bucky’s 5th Quarter.

We talk with Tyler about Wisconsin’s expectations heading into the year and how the losses to Illinois and Ohio State may have derailed post-season plans. We talk about the elephant in the backfield known as Jonathon Taylor, and what weaknesses, if any, the Badgers possess.

After we let Tyler depart, we talk about why Wisconsinians (Wisconsegians – if we follow the Io_a way of naming things) are so happy. We discuss the youth on the Husker team and why we likely won’t see any more freshmen on the field in their redshirt year.

And we do spend a few minutes talking about Nebraska’s second-favorite son, Garrett Nelson, as well as Damion Jackson being awarded Blackshirts.

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