Five Heart Podcast Episode 130: The Globe-Trotting Nathaniel Perlow

This week on the Five Heart podcast, we get to visit with long-time Corn Nation contributor and first-time podcast guest Nathaniel Perlow. Nathaniel has been traveling abroad for some time and contributes with the Frosted Flakes each week. In this episode, we’ll learn about Nathaniel’s Husker fandom and how he came to write for Corn Nation.

We also talk about the hiring of Will Bolt as the new Husker baseball head coach, as well as Isaiah Roby possibly being taken in the second round of the NBA draft (we recorded before the draft began). And then there’s that bit about the #FakeNews out of Boulder, CO.

Andy Ketterson is here as well and that allows for some hockey (aka Canadian Soccer) talk. Did we mention the Blues won their first Stanley Cup in franchise history?

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