Corn Nation’s Five Heart Podcast: All the O-Line Talk

It started with a simply question about the injuries to center Michael Decker and right guard Tanner Farmer. But that led into a 30-minute discussion about the offensive line.

There is only one reason this conversation could have happened. And his name is Hoss Reuter! But we had a great talk about Nebraska’s offensive line philosophy now as well as what it used to be. What approach is working in the conference and what could Nebraska do to improve that aspect of the game?

And then we talk a bit about Tanner Lee’s masterpiece of a fourth quarter at Purdue, leading the good guys to two touchdowns and a one-point win. I believe Hoss called Lee a “virtuoso.”

And Northwestern is in town for a game this week, so hopefully we have more positive to talk about than negative next week.

Just remember GBR and WTDG!

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