Nerds Untied 369: Eleven Years of the Jittery Monkey Network and Nerds United

This week, Greg and Mike will spend a little time reflecting on eleven years of the Jittery Monkey Podcast Network, including mentioning some of the shows that aired throughout the life of the network.

In the last week, did the guys acquire any new comic books? Did they watch anything of note?

Deadpool & Wolverine tickets went on sale this week. One of the guys got tickets. The other one is Greg. Also, a giant of a man has joined the cast for the third season of Reacher. He’s literally called the Dutch Giant. Reacher’s going to have his hands full.

And Zachary Levy is starring in an imagination-filled move that hits theaters this August. It’s the second movie emphasizing the imagination to be in theaters this summer.

And we had to call an audible on our retro video games portion of the evening and will briefly discuss 90s bands instead.