Nerds United 355: The Disney+ MCU Shows and Winter Activities

This week on Nerds United, Mike and Greg discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe shows that have premiered on Disney+. From WandaVision to Echo, excluding the Groot series and the one-episode specials (sorry Werewolf and GotG), ranking the eight shows from Phase 4 and the four from Phase 5 from 1-10 and building an aggregate score from there.

Also, Greg finished Krampus and really enjoyed it (research needs to be done to see if there will be more to the story) and the guys shared the movies and shows that they watched.

Reacher wrapped up its second season this week. That’s some quality programming right there. And Greg is going to start cutting loose some of his streaming apps.

Lastly, it’s winter. In our area, we’ve had a week where the high temperature has barely touched the freezing mark and a lot of wind chills in the negative range. So we spend a few minutes blind-ranking winter activities. Mike thinks this may lead to a new post on tiktok…and it might. Who knows?

As always…be kind.