Nerds United 350: The Best (and Worst) of Marvel

This week on Nerds United, Greg and Mike discuss the regular chit chat and discuss some comic book acquisitions. There’s even an fun story about buckling up some comics to keep them safe on the road (check out the YouTube video for that).

Teaser trailer for The Boys season 4 as well as a rippin’ trailer for the next Godzilla/Kong movie. And will pop culture media outlets ever stop posting on-set spoilers? Ryan Reynolds wishes they would.

Now since Mike has seen The Marvels, and since some Screen Rant or other outlet published an article claiming there are ten Marvel projects worse than The Marvels, Greg puts Mike to the test, runs down the list, and asks Mike if he agrees with the author’s assessment.

Lastly, the guys share their Top Five non-MCU Marvel Movie Moments. Movies like The Hulk, the Fantastic Four (and Fant4stic), the X-Men franchises, etc. Which scenes make the cut?

As always…

Be kind.