Nerds United 329: Lost Realms with Joe Dodd and Justin Holman

This week on Nerds United, Greg sits down with a couple of past guests who are also really good friends, Joe Dodd and Justin Holman. These two creators have gone rogue and are working on what they call the next evolution of comic books, a CYOA of sorts in the digital space known as Discord, where they work in tandem with an online community to build Lost Realms, a fantasy story with dragons, elves, and purple lady trolls. The community has a lot of input on the story as Joe will sit and sketch their ideas. Justin then takes the work and inks it.

Greg learns about web3, Discord, and other 21st Century terminology. Hear about how two guys with plenty of bona fides (#Marvel, #DC, #Hasbro) are betting on themselves in this endeavor, while Justin is also the lead writer for Dimensionals.

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