Positive Cynicism EP 45: Predetermined Hating is So Low

While June was meant to be the start of a new series on Positive Cynicism looking at the evolution of the summer blockbuster, life obligations pushed those plans back for a month.

Instead host @chadsmart and frequent pop culture collaborator Eric Bennett examine the not new but seeming louder occurrence of people choosing to hate a movie before they’ve seen it. Whether it was due to negative stories published during production, backlash against the polarizing The Last Jedi or because it’s the cool thing to do, a vocal majority on social media had already decided Solo: A Star Wars Story was a terrible movie months before it hit theaters.

The less than stellar box office receipts would have one thinking the movie is a dud and Star Wars fandom is dying out.

Do any of these thoughts ring true? Chad and Eric give their opinions and try to figure out why people listen to online reviews in the first place?

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