Nerds United Episode 91: Reviewing Justice League with Tom Skull

Shows in back-to-back weeks. I don’t know how far back you’d have to go in the archives to find when that happened last.

Joining me this week is Tom Skull, co-host of two of his own podcasts, the Skullbuster Wrestlecast and Tom and Jim’s Top 5. Several weeks back, Tom was a guest on Chad’s first edition of “Question Everything,” his new monthly interview segment. But the day before that, Tom, along with his brother Jason, was on My 1-2-3 Cents to talk wrestling with Kevin. It was unofficially “Tom Skull Week” here at the Jittery Monkey Network, and the continuation of that is this episode where Tom and I talk about the Justice League movie, a movie neither of us had seen when I first asked Tom to be on the show.

So we will talk about Justice League, what we liked and what we didn’t like. And the DC cinematic universe in general.

That’s it, boys and girls, that’s the show. We’re reviewing a movie from last Fall, drinking beer, and having a good conversation. I can’t emphasize enough how much you should get the Podbean app and listen to each and every episode of Tom and Jim’s Top 5. I only have a few more to go before I’m caught up fully. And that’s saying something, because I got on board after they’d had a year full of shows. Truly entertaining and hits you right in the nostalgia!

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