Nerds United 281: Does Marvel Care about Comic Book Sales?

This week on Nerds United, many topics are discussed. DC finally gave us a trailer for Black Adam (“finally,” despite the movie being four months away, right Mike?). Also, we both forgot Paper Girls on Amazon was a thing, and were surprised with some preliminary stills.

Kevin Smith is getting another bite of the Masters of the Universe apple. The internet reacted predictably.

The Sandman is also coming to Netflix.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a brilliant show, better than Stranger Things. That’s why Best Friend of the Show Josh is all caught up on one and not the other.

Also, Ms. Marvel debuted to a massive social media push. And Greg can only hope that the more diverse shows and movies which attract a more diverse audience mean that more people will GO BUY COMIC BOOKS! But Mike raises the question…does Marvel care any more about comic book sales?

We do have a little fun at the end, where we take one Marvel hero and one DC hero and put them together in a Lethal Weapon type of pair.