Nerds United 262: More Hellboy Please. PLEASE

This week on the show, Mike and Greg start with talking about Dairy Queen and Taco Bell, and the world famous chili cheese burrito.

On the subject of Taco Bell, the one time exclusive home of Baja Blast Mt. Dew, the soda is going HARD…as in Baja Blast Hard Seltzer. So be looking for that if you want the taste of Baja Blast Mt. Dew to be ruined forever.

Now, Ron Perlman is willing to do Hellboy 3, even if he’s not particularly eager. After all, he’s 71 years old.

Peter Dinklage was a guest on a much more popular podcast and shared his opinion on Disney’s live action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. So that sparks a discussion that you’re probably not going to want to miss.