Five Heart Podcast Episode 115: Hoss’ Triumphant Return

This week on the Five Heart Podcast (now officially a member of the SB Nation Podcast Network), Hoss Reuter is BACK! And back with a vengeance. There’s talk of boots on throats (looking at you, Colorado). There’s talk of key match-ups and right timing, like getting Ohio State in September instead of November, while hosting Wisconsin towards the end of the season.

We drink Coors Banquet, the chosen beer of Hoss Reuter, and Greg makes plans to go to Champaign in the Fall for another Nebraska/Illinois game.

We talk about Spring Ball and emerging leaders in the locker room. We talk about Tim Miles’ questionable future and why fans are still hesitant to get rid of him.

But mostly, the three legs of the tripod are back and we’re ready to move forward! It’s a red and white freight train, after all!

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